I Am Not a Machine and Neither Are You

No, we aren't machines, and neither are the people who write to us. So how do we explain a message like the one I just received (below)?

In fact, I received two identical messages. They came from a wireless Internet service I subscribed to temporarily. They began with this unusual subject line:

Subject: TEST Ad Hoc Template, Lynn

And here is the first two-thirds of the message, exactly as I received it, with two small changes. I changed the name of the company to XXXXX and my account number and user name to ZZZZZ.

Dear Lynn,

It’s official!

Email: lynng@syntaxtraining.com

Access Pass Number:

Account Closed Date:

Account Creation Date: 03/11/2010

Account Number: ZZZZZ

Account Status: ACTIVE

CC Decline Balance:

CC Decline Charge Date:

CC Decline Charge Date Description:

Connects During Billing Cycle: 0

CC Expiration Date: 05/01/2011

Currency: USD

EOC Day of Month: 11

First Name: Lynn

Language: EN

Laptop Client Version:

Laptop OS Version:

Last Name: Gaertner-Johnston

Lifetime Connects: 0

Monthly Subscription Charge: 0.00

Plan Type: Hourly

Premium Connects During Billing Cycle:

Receipt Charge Amount:

Receipt Payment Date:

Receipt POID:

Receipt Product Use Date:

Registered XXXXXX: Yes

Sales Channel Code: BW1205


Username: ZZZZZ

The rest of the message went on to tell me about a change in my service and about pricing. It ended with a thank you for my business and was signed by the director of customer care.

We are not machines. So how do we send and receive such messages?

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