When Businesses Take Efficiency Seriously

Today I attended a fundraising luncheon for a fine organization called Wellspring Family Services. As always happens when I contribute, something came back to me–this time in the form of a quick but powerful example a man shared at my table. Now I will share it with you.

At one of the man's previous jobs, when people sent out a meeting invitation through Outlook, if the invitation did not have an agenda and meeting goals attached, people would decline it. He said individuals learned the lesson quickly when they got back one "Declined" message after another. They learned to create and attach an agenda with goals.

That company takes efficiency seriously. Does yours? Please share any examples that relate to business writing.

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  1. I appreciated that his entire company had signed on to supporting the move toward efficiency. Your last sentence had me thinking, and yes, there are key individuals at my office who do take efficiency seriously. Unfortunately, it’s the 20% that don’t take it seriously that would be the most beneficial to bring over to our side! 🙂

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