Taining Opprotunities

Did I get your attention with that heading? It got mine.

This heading was featured prominently in a marketing email from a well-known training company:

Additional Taining Opprotunities

Underneath the heading was a nice photo of the Seattle skyline and the words "In addition to our Seattle schedule, we also offer over 160 courses delivered live via the internet."

I checked.

Their courses don't include proofreading.

Syntax Training


  1. I just sent a Tweet yesterday that said I think I’ll scream if I see one more online heading on How to Loose Weight! I can’t believe how prevalent that misspelling is on the Internet.

    I know it is difficult for me to proofread online. Maybe that’s part of the problem. At least I hope that’s it. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I’m looking for advice on the use of the term team building. Is it team building, teambuilding, or team-building? Also, internet Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a consideration for us. What if the wrong form generates better search results? Should we compromise or adhere to the correct form?


  3. Headings can be overlooked so easily during proofreading. Something about the size and placement seems to make them invisible. That makes it essential to include a separate proofreading step just for headings!

  4. Cathy, I agree that on-screen proofreading is a challenge. I end up printing my important documents and proofreading them page by page.

    Martin, check your dictionary or style guide for the right choice. The correct form may depend on whether your use requires a noun or an adjective. But don’t worry about such minor differences for search engine optimization. Search engines will find the word whether it is hyphenated or not. Try a search yourself.

    Lester, I agree. I always proofread headings in a separate step. I do the same with headers, footers, tables of contents, and any numbers.


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