Proofread Your Slogan Too, Scammers!

Today a friend sent me an example of a typo at the end of an email. It appeared in the company slogan:


I burst out laughing at the beautiful irony of the error, as he had done.

But before I offered it up here for your amusement, I decided to do an Internet search to see whether other business writing experts had already written about the funny typo. My search for "OBSESSED WITH BEIGN THE BEST" led to just one site: a blog called Scam E-mails.

I should have known that a legitimate company would have had too many eyes on the email blast to let the misspelled slogan slip by. Silly typos and errors are the mark of amateur scammers.

If you get the email from Tony, supposedly of The Secret Shopper Company, delete it. The Secret Shopper Company is now AboutFace. I bet the real company, unlike the scammer, is obsessed with being the best.

Thanks to Terry in Dallas for giving me the heartiest laugh of my day!

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