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Make Your Writing Dreams Come True

My friend Susan Daffron of Logical Expressions sent me an email telling me that today is “Make Your Dreams Come True” day. It was a marketing email in which Susan wrote about the dream of writing a book and how one might use her services to make it come true.

Finishing a book about business writing is my dream, and I am more than halfway there. When I was making very slow progress, Susan helped me with one small but powerful suggestion: She suggested that I get away from my home, where I am a wife and mother, and from my office, where I am a partner to my clients and customers. She suggested I go away to write.

I took Susan’s advice. When I want to work on my book, I take a ferry to Bainbridge Island, where I stay at the Island Country Inn. With each three-night stay, I finish two more chapters. So far I have visited three times and completed six more chapters. I am ecstatic about my progress. I now know how I will complete the book this year.

Do you have a writing dream? If so, maybe time away from your home and office is the answer to achieving it. Or you might benefit from Susan Daffron‘s counsel. Susan has written and published a wide range of books.

Maybe your dream is to write better in your work, whether you have a job or run your own business. If that is your goal, there are many things you can do:

  • Read this blog. You can search for specific topics using the search box on the upper right.
  • Read other blogs about business writing. Some of them are listed on the left.
  • Buy resource material to help you reach your goal. The latest issue of Better Writing at Work lists many books that can help you write correctly and well.
  • Read Marcia Yudkin’s dozens of free articles. Or buy one of her products or services for help with copywriting and with writing productively and creatively. Note: If you use this link to purchase something from Marcia’s site, I receive a small commission, but I often rave about Marcia without the link. I have benefited from her coaching and publications for years.
  • Take a writing class. Better Writing at Work always lists our upcoming public writing classes.

If your goal is worth achieving, it probably won’t be easy or without cost. I spend over $300 each time I go away to write. But I regard that expense as a worthwhile investment in achieving my writing dream.

What have you done to achieve your writing dreams?

Have a happy Make Your Dreams Come True Day! And if your dream involves business writing, I am happy to help you achieve it.


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By Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston has helped thousands of employees and managers improve their business writing skills and confidence through her company, Syntax Training. In her corporate training career of more than 20 years, she has worked with executives, engineers, scientists, sales staff, and many other professionals, helping them get their messages across with clarity and tact.

A gifted teacher, Lynn has led writing classes at more than 100 companies and organizations such as MasterCard, Microsoft, Boeing, Nintendo, REI, AARP, Ledcor, and Kaiser Permanente. Near her home in Seattle, Washington, she has taught managerial communications in the MBA programs of the University of Washington and UW Bothell. She has created a communications course, Business Writing That Builds Relationships, and provides the curriculum at no cost to college instructors.

A recognized expert in business writing etiquette, Lynn has been quoted in "The Wall Street Journal," "The Atlantic," "Vanity Fair," and other media.

Lynn sharpened her business writing skills at the University of Notre Dame, where she earned a master's degree in communication, and at Bradley University, with a bachelor's degree in English.

7 comments on “Make Your Writing Dreams Come True”

  • Lynn,
    Between your writing tips and training (I’m soooo much better at using hyphens correctly since you came into my life) and Susan Daffron’s program, I may actually get my book written and self-published this year.

    Now all I have to do is take some time away from it all to get that writing done. Doing it that way actually sounds like fun.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

    Kathy Goughenour

  • Susan, thanks for stopping by with congratulations.

    Kathy, please send me a private message to tell me about your book. I did not realize (or had forgotten) you were writing one. How exciting!


  • Lynn,

    I am actually planning to write a book on Indian culture and your advice – “Do you have a writing dream? If so, maybe time away from your home and office is the answer to achieving it” will definitely help me in completing this book faster. Thanks a lot for sharing this 🙂

  • Lynn,

    Congrats on your success.

    I agree that a shift away from your day-to-day environment can inspire – not to mention provide a quiet place to write.

    Recently, I completed an e-book on playing guitar (another creative outlet) and it was a rewarding experience. I look forward to further ‘book writing’ projects.

    Thanks for the post.


  • Michael, congratulations on completing your e-book. It must have been a joy to write about a topic you love.

    I look forward to another three days away to work on my book this week. I am grateful for an understanding husband.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note.


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