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Quick Tip on Texting

Include your name at the end of your text messages. That way, people who don't have you in their address book–and don't have your number memorized–will know it's you.

Thanks to Melissa Thirloway for sharing this good tip.

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By Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston has helped thousands of employees and managers improve their business writing skills and confidence through her company, Syntax Training. In her corporate training career of more than 20 years, she has worked with executives, engineers, scientists, sales staff, and many other professionals, helping them get their messages across with clarity and tact.

A gifted teacher, Lynn has led writing classes at more than 100 companies and organizations such as MasterCard, Microsoft, Boeing, Nintendo, REI, AARP, Ledcor, and Kaiser Permanente. Near her home in Seattle, Washington, she has taught managerial communications in the MBA programs of the University of Washington and UW Bothell. She has created a communications course, Business Writing That Builds Relationships, and provides the curriculum at no cost to college instructors.

A recognized expert in business writing etiquette, Lynn has been quoted in "The Wall Street Journal," "The Atlantic," "Vanity Fair," and other media.

Lynn sharpened her business writing skills at the University of Notre Dame, where she earned a master's degree in communication, and at Bradley University, with a bachelor's degree in English.

6 comments on “Quick Tip on Texting”

  • Actually you can create a signature to be included on all of your text messages – easier than remembering.

  • This is excellent advice! I once had an entire texting conversation with someone who said they would bring me a baby gift at work. “OK, so it’s a work person,” I thought. “And I’ll find out who it is when he or she brings me the baby gift.”

    Well, I got to work late the next day and there was a baby gift sitting on my desk–with no card, no note, no nothing! Fortunately, another co-worker had seen the person who left the gift on my desk, so I was able to properly acknowledge the gift and thank her.

    I immediately went back to my cell phone, opened my co-worker’s last text, and added her to my address book!

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