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February 28, 2011


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I use this method myself. I have a notepad where I write down any ideas for the newsletter as I think of them. It has always worked well for me!

Kathy Goughenour

I love your suitcase analogy to describe this process. It's the method I use to come up with topics for 20 real estate blog posts I have to write every month.

Because I'm in front of my computer the majority of the time, I simply use MS Word to save all my ideas. I copy and paste tidbits I run across online into a Word doc, call it something generic that reminds me what the general topic is, and continue to add to that topic with additional tidbits I find or think of until I feel inspired to write the blog post.

Using this method, I continuously have about 50 ideas in my unfinished real estate blog post file.

Kathy Goughenour


I use the suitcase method in writing, but not in real life. But I think I'll start doing that--I'm horrible about packing at the last minute and then forgetting half of what I need!

With writing, I always start with a rough outline and save my ideas there. I'm also do a lot of "webbing"--putting ideas in circles, and then connecting the ideas with lines. It's a technique I taught in freshman comp, and I've found it very helpful in technical writing.


Lynn -

I love reading your page, I'm so glad I stumbled upon it a few months ago. I always learn so much!

Thank you,

Chelsea in Vancouver

Business Writing Blog

Reneé, I am glad the notebook at your side works for you and your newsletter.

Kathy, completing 20 blog posts each month is an achievement. I admire your ability to have 50 ideas percolating in your blog post file.

Nina, your method sounds efficient and creative. I hope you are successful with the open-suitcase method for your trips.

Chelsea, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I am glad you are learning things here!


Michael Soininen

Hi Lynn,

An easy access whiteboard use to be the way but it has now been replaced by an always-open 'notepad' text document. Whenever an idea strikes, I type it up. Quick to view + cut and paste functionality = too easy.


Business Writing Blog

Michael, good method! Too easy is just what a writer needs.



When preparing for a presentation or a large document, I jot down ideas on sticky notes and put them in a folder (my suitcase). That way, when it comes time to organize the presentation/document, I can move the sticky notes with ideas around until the order is satisfactory.

Business Writing Blog

Becky, that's a smart use of sticky notes.


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