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May 14, 2011


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I agree with you but my meeting attendees (supervisors) expect detail. They use my minutes to update their supervisors.

Val S.

I took over taking minutes from a woman who created a virtual transcript of each weekly meeting. I agonized over the meetings and typing up final minutes until I realized I could do it my own way and use bullet points, without loss of relevant information. The chairman prefered the shorter style because he was way behind in reviewing and approving the 15-page transcripts.

When it's necessary to have more details, we use a voice recorder that can download recorded files to a computer. This makes it easier to control playback and create a full transcript.

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CP, you are right to give your readers what they need.


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Hi, Val. I have heard stories like yours from many people. Once they write streamlined minutes, people read them.

A digital recorder is a great tool for capturing details.



I agree, may be if they already know the topic, reading upon it will help them remember points.. clearing doubts also becomes easy. right?

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The above suggestions are all good ones. Ther is one other to consider. Many professors whose lectures are on powerpoint will simply email their powerpoint presentations to you, or make them available on their college webpage. You might ask about that as well. Good luck.

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Getting slide presentations in advance is a good way for notetakers to prepare for a business meeting.



Lynn,I participated in your class about two years ago. It was great and I learned a lot. I hope everyone has the opportunity to take your class. And the best thing- my office paid for it.

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Penny, thank you for your thoughtful comments and for taking the time to write!


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