When You Change Your Email Address

The other day I got an email reply with a change of someone's address. It made me laugh. It said:

Please email me at my gmail account as I no longer use this account.

Can you guess why I laughed? Of course!

I didn't have the person's gmail address.

I receive such "email me at my other address" replies, without the other address given, several times a year. Are people trying to tell me something? Do they want me not to find them? Or do they want me to work to find them?

Here is my suggestion: If you change email addresses and you want people to be able to reach you, provide your new address–don't just refer to it.

Please write to me here–or at my old address.

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  1. Isn’t changing email address more stressful than moving house?

    Rule #1 for email (or any other writing): Ask “What can I be almost certain my audience knows already?” then tell them the rest.

  2. I think the easiest way is to use the new email address to send a message with the old email address or your name as the subject. This way you can add the new email address to your contacts very easily.

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