Happy Thanksgiving!

A blog reader asked whether to capitalize the word happy when it comes before Thanksgiving.

The answer? It depends.

In an exclamation, capitalize like this:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

In a sentence, do this:

We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.



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If you celebrate the holiday, I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Whether you observe Thanksgiving or not, I give thanks for you reading this blog.

Warm wishes,

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  1. Once when I wrote “Good morning!” in an office group email communication, my colleague from U.K. pointed out that using an exclamation mark to address somebody is like mocking them. what is your opinion?

  2. Hi, Mini. I don’t believe using an exclamation mark after a greeting is mocking. Perhaps your colleague was thinking of a particular conflict-laden situation in which an exclamation mark felt that way to him or her. Why not ask your colleague to elaborate?

    Of course, you can always write “Good morning, team” and use a period (full stop) after it.

    Among a group of readers, there will often be someone who objects to something. Just do your best to write concisely, clearly, and professionally.


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