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December 27, 2011


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Thanks for prompt answer

Eza Ismail

Dear Lynn,
Thank you for this post and all other posts. I have enjoyed learning 'Business Writing' from you. Someone who is as generous as you are in teaching and sharing, deserves a new year filled with abundance, peace and happiness! Wish you a fabulous 2012!
Best regards,

Business Writing Blog

Eza, thank you for your delightful message! You have brought a big smile to my face.


Rana Zafar


Thank you very much for your wonderful massage!
I hope 2012 A.D for you more successful

Rana Zafar (Malaysia)

Starting a New Business

Wishes and resolutions are very common in the start of the year but as the days goes by people forget. I hope that people will make a list of their goals and decide to do it not just write it.

Marie H.

Dear Lynn,

Thank you so much for these models. I will definitely use them for inspiration for this year's holiday greetings for all my valued clients.

I hope that you have had a great start to 2012!


Business Writing Blog

Thanks, Marie. I wish you the same.




Really very inspiring about new year message i ever found. But it could be more easy to read if you make some text formatting in your post like bold italic.


Tricia Linn

Hi Lynn. I work in a management office and am responsible for sending monthly newsletters & emails to all of our tenants. I would like to add a piece in the newsletter telling the tenants Happy New Year and also want to talk about fitness and New Year's resolutions in a tactful way. We have a fitness center and offer Yoga, Zumba, Weight Watcher's. Can you help me with the wording so it will be tactful please?

Business Writing Blog

Hi, Tricia. If you write something and post it here, I will be glad to offer suggestions to ensure that your message comes across tactfully.


shahid khan

you are really good writer how can i reach you? do you have any personal email? or are you on face book? will be very thankful to your kind response.

Best regards
Shahid Khan


Thank you Lynn, I am going to use on of these on my website (iraqzone.com) except i gonna make some minor changes ;)

Thanks alot Lynn

Business Writing Blog

Shahid, you can subscribe to my free e-newsletter here: http://www.syntaxtraining.com/signup.html

That way, you can hear from me every month.

Also, my contact information appears at top left on this blog.



Dear All,
Happy new year.

Business Writing Blog

Thank you! Happy new year to you too!



Very simple and nice comments. Happy new year to you too!!!


Hi.thanks for ur wonderfull messages:)i try to learn english language recently.i wanted to send aCongratulation message to my teacher and visited ur site accidently and it helped me a lot.

Business Writing Blog

Hello, Sanjay and Mary. I am glad you found what you were looking for here.


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