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February 22, 2012


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I'd rather be called as part of the web design vanguard rather than a computer dinosaur because that would make me look like I'm living under a rock.


I agree with you, Lynn. Your friend should promote the fact that he was on the leading edge of a new technology and communication medium, even if it was a long time ago.

Val S.

Years ago when I was working in a very popular bagel shop, I was applying for a job as a receptionist at an office just around the corner (in Seattle's Pioneer Square, Lynn). Rather than avoid mentioning food service, I referred to it as a temporary job and said, "Maybe you've seen me there if you've been in at lunchtime." I played up the friendliness and quick service and thought I might stand out if they knew who I was.

It worked - I got the job!

As an aside, it may not look great on a resume, but experience in food service often means someone is very good at multi-tasking.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi, Neil, "Geek," and Val. Thanks for dropping by and staying to chat.

Geek, I like your powerful phrasing: "leading edge of a new technology and communication medium."

Thanks for the example, Val. How wise of you to play up the friendliness and quick service when applying for a job as a receptionist! Even now you could talk about that bagel shop job to illustrate your early success at multi-tasking.



I am totaly agree . In my Bio , I thought there are many things that wouldn't grap any one's attention. And i was mistaken , when i mentioned my military service , I got the job because the knew i might consider the delivery time and i could work under pressure . It was my key rather than my other experience which could be the same for others . Thanks for the good point.

Randy Averill

When I found myself unexpectedly looking for a career change about 3 years ago, I was concerned that my many years of experience might be misinterpreted - specifically, that a reader might think I could be looking for a job in which to lay low for a few years before retirement (I believe I have many good years left). In the personal section of my resume, I included my love for sailboat racing as an attempt to convey that I could still bring plenty of energy to a new position.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi, Hatem. Thank you for telling us about listing your military experience in your bio. It certainly does communicate your ability to deliver and work under pressure.


Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi, Randy. Thank you for letting us know about your decision to include sailboat racing on your resume. What a wise choice to communicate energy!

Thanks for your good example and strategy.


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