Please Help Me Finish a Book

UPDATE ON NOVEMBER 10: I received over a thousand responses, and this survey is now closed. 

I am working on a book on business writing and work relationships, and I would appreciate getting your opinions in a survey I have created. I have gotten feedback that the survey questions are interesting, so you might actually enjoy taking it!

Survey details:

  • It takes about 5 to 7 minutes to complete.
  • All answers are confidential–not even I will know who said what.
  • All questions are multiple choice, but you can add comments.
  • You must be employed or self-employed and at least 18 years old to complete it.

This link will take you to the survey at SurveyMonkey.

Feel free to forward the link to other people who might like to share their views on business writing and relationships. Note: The survey can be completed only once per computer. That means if you complete it and ask a family member to complete it too, that person must use a different computer.

Your input will help me finish this book and get it published in 2013. Thank you for your help!

UPDATE on October 11: Thanks to all who completed a survey. I now have 847, but I welcome more!

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  1. Done, Lynn. 🙂 Could you post the url to the link? Since I took the survey, it links to the “thank you for taking the survey” page. I want to share the link with colleagues.

    Thank you. Good luck with the book.

  2. Hi, Cathy. Thanks for taking the survey and being willing to forward the link. I didn’t spell out the URL because I didn’t want computer spiders to pick it up, not thinking that it would prohibit forwarding. Thanks for letting me know.

    I will break up the URL here. Note: The address has no spaces in it.

    The first part is https://
    The next is
    Then /s/P8N8KRL

    I hope that makes sense.

    Thank you, Cathy!


  3. I just completed the survey, and I’m so excited to hear you are writing a book, Lynn! Do you have a title yet?

  4. Lisa Marie, thanks so much for completing the survey.

    I am excited about the book too. I am holding off on mentioning its name until I have a publication date because I don’t want people looking for it until it is ready for purchase. Of 18 chapters, I have 2 to finish.

    Thanks for your interest!


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