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December 15, 2012


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I am so sorry to hear of such a terrible tragedy. My heart is with you at this time. Know this that you have a friend here in Ontario, Canada who cares. A hug of care for all of the victims famlies.


Thanks for providing these, Lynn. I don't know anyone who was immediately affected by the tragedy, but I do know the complete blank that can hit even a seasoned writer when a note of condolence is called for. And for a tragedy like this ... words fail. I'm going to pass this post on to others.



Business Writing Blog

Thank you, Bonnie, Nina, and Ilyas, for your supportive comments.


Val S.

Lynn, your examples of condolence letters are always so well written. I think there's usually a tendency for people to try to find something positive to add, but for the families there is nothing positive at the moment. Your examples acknowledge their profound grief with respect and empathy. Thank you for the examples.

Business Writing Blog

Hi, Val. Thanks for bringing up the topic of positive content in condolence messages. As you indicated, such content would not be appropriate in this horrible situation.



thank you for sharing this prefect words with us

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