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December 26, 2012


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I have seen many of these tall claims in paper backs. What is claimed as "an absolute page turner", "riveting" most probably end up being boring stuff marketed by paid critics.

Gilda Bonanno

Thanks for another useful blog post!

As a professional speaker and presentation skills coach, I coach speakers to avoid the problem of the overly glowing introduction by controlling the situation before they show up to present. It’s crucial to write your own introduction, review it with the person who will introduce you and ask that he/she read it as written.

If, after all that preparation, you still get introduced as “the greatest speaker in the world,” realize that you did everything you could to prevent the situation and either acknowledge it briefly with a funny line, such as “wow, sounds like my mom wrote that introduction!” or just move into your prepared talk and do the best job possible.

See my blog post, 5 Tips for Creating a Crisp & Memorable Introduction, for more tips.

Business Writing Blog

Hello, Palani. I too have been disappointed by comments on book jackets. One I recently read praised the "shock and afterschock" of the book's ending. On the last page, I was still waiting for the shocks. Very disappointing!

Thank you for commenting.


Business Writing Blog

Hi, Gilda. Thank you for the excellent advice and link to your helpful blog post.

Being introduced as a great speaker is very intimidating for all but a very few of us. I appreciate it when someone adds to my introduction a statement such as "I always learn valuable tips from Lynn," which I feel sets an appropriate expectation.


Funny Motivational Speaker

Lynn, Love this post. Like Gilda, I am a professional speaker and have purposely written my introduction to be short. I feel that "the taste is in the pudding" and I would rather have the audience decide whether or not I'm a good speaker. Books and audio/video products can be trickier, yet, again, it is whether or not they get purchased and if buyers come back for more.

Business Writing Blog

Hi, Funny Motivational Speaker. Thank you for your comment. It appears that you do set the expectation that you will be funny. I hope you are able to deliver!


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