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Webinars have gotten a bad reputation. Too many dense, slow-moving slide decks presented by long-winded speakers have caused people to think of webinars as snoozers. Not only that–plenty of them ooze sales and marketing messages that make participants feel used.

That’s why I am here to defend and tell you about a new webinar series I am involved in.

The series, Virtual Learning and Virtual Leadership: Getting Results in a Wired World, launches on March 27. Its first webinar is Executive Presence: How to Say It So They Hear It And Act On It, presented by communication expert Anne Warfield.

The series features four more webinars in 2013:

  • Leading Collaborative Virtual Teams: Managing Dispersed Teams that Get Results, led by leadership expert and webinar guru Cynthia Clay
  • The Connected Leader: How To Improve Results Through Conversations, by Halley Bock, president and CEO of Fierce, Inc.
  • Writing in a Virtual World: How to Build Business Relationships One Message at a Time, which I am presenting
  • Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Development at a Distance, featuring employee retention expert Beverly Kaye

If you are a manager or a team leader, or if you work in training and development, these communication webinars are designed for you. My session, Writing in a Virtual World, will give you lots of ideas about communicating well with people you never see but nevertheless rely on.

The reason I can wholeheartedly recommend this series is that I have worked with the series sponsor, NetSpeed Learning Solutions, for many years. They offer fast-paced, practical webinars in which participants can really engage by asking questions (in real time), expressing their opinions in polls, and testing their understanding of the material.  

You can learn more about Virtual Learning and Virtual Leadership: Getting Results in a Wired World by visiting the webpage and clicking on links for the five presentations. You can register now for any webinar that interests you. Registration is free.   

Do these webinar topics appeal to you?

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  1. Hello, CTrappe. I too find it difficult to squeeze training and helpful presentations into my schedule, but professional development is one key to getting ahead.

    No excuse about not knowing about these sessions in advance!


  2. Hi, Lynn. I’m getting closer to offer some online training of my own via video, and I’m still trying to decide on the right tool.

    Do you know whether these webinars via Adobe Connect will include video?

  3. These webinars will not include video. The reason is that a large number of attendees are expected, and video can cause problems when many people are online together.

    I think I have described that issue correctly, but I will check with my colleagues to be sure.



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