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August 22, 2013


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Lynn - That's an excellent tip for meeting notes. There is sometimes an assumption that anyone can take notes. I've been in groups where "it's your turn to take the notes". The truth is not everyone is good at note taking, so passing the task around is not ideal. It's better to choose someone who has some background in writing and organizing information.

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Hi, Phil. You are certainly correct that some people are not good at taking notes. If a team wants to take turns, it's a good idea to be sure everyone has examples of good notes and at least a little training on the task.

Thanks for stopping by.



I am surprised that you refer to meeting minutes only to check for the assigned tasks! I believe that minutes are to be read by every attendee. The correctness of the minutes does not lie with just the recorder.
Typically when I record the minutes, I inform my team to check for any discrepancies and also add points that I may have missed.
In your case, had you read the complete minutes, you would have questioned the team as to who owns the task of contacting the Finance team.

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Suresh, thank you for sharing your helpful perspective on minutes. I admit that I do not read minutes completely when I have attended a meeting. I look for the items of special interest to me.



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