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November 22, 2013


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Robert S Montgomery

A useful list of positive words -- thanks! I guess "useful" is also a good positive word, and "positive" also can be useful. "Help" and "helpful" as well. Other words that come to mind from recommendations I've written are "profit' and 'profitable" and words related to clarity and coperation.

Business Writing Blog

Excellent contributions! Thank you, Robert.


Heidi Cole

I love your blog, but I have to share that I feel the word "transparency"'is one of he most overused of the past number of years. For me, it is so overused as to have lost most its impact! I literally cringe when I read it.

Business Writing Blog

Hi, Heidi. Interesting! I do not come across the word "transparency" in the business documents I read. Nevertheless, I do not want to make you cringe. I will remove the "transparency" example in a moment.

Thanks for letting me know.


Heidi Cole

Hi Lynn.

Thank you, but I do not wish to speak for the masses!
Perhaps it is a personal hot button. However I see and hear it so much that it seems to have lost it's impact of meaning, if that makes sense.

Your kind consideration is very much appreciated.


Business Writing Blog

Hi, Heidi. Since you are one of my readers, I want to do my best to avoid pressing your buttons!

Thanks for following up.



Selling your ideas is a whole science. Your students are not the only people who have encountered this problem. Each of us in life at least once had to convince someone or sell something. Of course, your words in the examples of "efficiency, value, lower costs, shorter lead time, faster deliveries" are good. But if you just say that it's effective, they will not believe you. You need to be convincing enough to be believed. You also need to have a good knowledge of information about which you build your beliefs. Here are excellent articles on this matter - https://neilpatel.com/blog/startup-marketing-strategies/,


Hi Lynn,

I am looking for an online app that can help me write all of my memos, Emails, and reports alike is there such a thing possible.

I normally get about 30 daily emails request form the board directors, that requires an immediate response is there any help.



Business Writing Blog

Chance, I don't know of such an app. You and I talked on the phone, and I hope my referral may be helpful to you.


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