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January 27, 2014


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Cathy Miller

I love that message, Lynn. I think for some people the anniversary of the passing of a loved one is significant. My 90-year-old mother is one of those people. I tend not to remember the date. For me, I prefer not to hold onto those dates like I would a birthday.

However, knowing that the date carries significance for my mom, I make sure I break away from my freelance work to take her to my dad's grave on the anniversary of his death. As one friend put it, rituals are important for some.

Wishing you many happy memory moments of your father, Lynn.

Business Writing Blog

Cathy, thank you for making the important point that people have preferences for what they choose to remember. It's very kind of you to support your mother on the day that is important to her.

Thanks for your good wishes. Also, many thanks for the review of my book that you posted today on your blog, at http://simplystatedbusiness.com/blog


Irene Hoe

Dear Lynn,

Thank you. I lost my mother 10 years ago this year and I know hard those early anniversaries are.

Every so often, tears would just well up for no aparent reason. It might happen when I was eating or saw others eating a dish that she loved to cook, or when I caught a rare whiff of her favourite scent.

I know, too, that eventually, the pain becomes less acute, and is ameliorated by remembered joy. I offer that thought to comfort you at this difficult time.

wishing you the warmth of remembered love,


Business Writing Blog

Irene, thank you for your lovely words of comfort.



Very nice written.... Lynn,I love that message.I my best friend had lost his father in childhood and recently his mother passed away....Due to his narrow minded relatives I could not visit his house but I am always worried to support him as he is in great pain.

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