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March 04, 2014


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Hm, to me it appears "what happened" is exactly the same as "what was said" if there was no fight at meeting. :))

I believe notes should contain consequences ("will/should happen") for all parties, so my answer was 4,5,9. However, after reading your answer I agreed that 9th is surplus.


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Hi, Alex. I like to be at meetings where no one fights!

Let me share an example to illustrate the difference between notes that share what happened and those that tell what was said.

What happened: "Dr. Ames introduced Karen Flynn, the new director."

What was said: "Dr. Ames introduced Karen Flynn, who is the new director. Ms. Flynn comes to us from . . . where she . . . . Her job here is to . . . . She will . . . . "

Do you see what I mean?

Often people who take notes include lots of unnecessary details when they record what was said.



Hi, Lynn!

Thank you, I see the difference now.

However, in my opinion both example sentences are unnecessary because it is enough to include "Karen Flynn, the new director" to the participants list. I used to interpret meeting minutes as "to do list" which has been agreed by all parties.


Business Writing Blog

Hi, Alex. Interesting point! It sounds as though you have very slimmed down meeting notes.

Often meeting notes need to be more than a to-do list. They need to include what the group has decided and what the group did, for example, to approve a budget change.

I have seen project meeting notes lately that do seem to be a list of to-dos. Those kinds of notes may leave the group wondering why something is being done.

Thanks for sharing your experience!


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