Congratulations to You and Me!

I am delighted to let you know that "Business Writing With Heart: How to Build Great Work Relationships One Message at a Time" has been named as a finalist for Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) awards in two categories. It is a finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Award in the categories Self-Help and Business & Economics.

I congratulate and thank you, my readers, because many of the good ideas that fill the book came through conversations with you on this business writing blog. You asked great questions: You wanted to know whether to use ladies, girls, or women in your emails. You asked how to address letters to same-sex couples. You wanted to know how to write sympathy cards for people whose lives were damaged in natural disasters, and you asked whether you had to respond to sympathy cards.

Your questions made me think creatively about how to communicate with grace, building business relationships. They were the inspiration for the book. 

In the book, I acknowledge the specific contributions of blog commenters Claudia Amaya, Anne Boardman, Jeff Chamberlain, Matt Charles, Ben Curnett, Alfredo Deambrosi, Paula Diaco, Nancy Doerhoff, Roger Green, Robert Hickey, Josh Hinds, Cornelia Luethi, Cyndy McCollough, Jeannette Paladino, Mary K. Parker, and Neil Wheatley. Thanks to you all! 

I will learn on May 28 whether we won the silver or the gold in each category. I will be sure to let you know.

Again, thank you for your questions, comments, ideas, and inspiration!

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  1. Hi, Jeannette. Thanks for your kind words and congratulations. You brought me a big smile.

    You know, I am delighted with the nomination, which is an automatic silver award. But the gold would be terrific too.


  2. Congratulations, Lynn. I’m glad that you are receiving recognition for your hard work. Having my name among your blog’s commenters is an honor.

  3. Congratulations Lynn. I use your blog as resource to improve my English skill. Very glad to know that I am in best source. I wish I can get your e-book version.

  4. Hi, Elwine. I am glad you find this blog helpful.

    Does your country have its own Amazon website? If so, you can purchase the e-book of “Business Writing With Heart” from Amazon. I can’t tell you the price because prices vary between currencies.



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