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August 13, 2014


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Excellent. The only thing I notice missing is a link or other information on how to set up domains for renewal.

Great example!


Wow it's Excellent. I actually enjoyed reading it.


I agree that it's annoying (even rude) when subscription services do not notify you of automatic renewals, and this approach is a refreshing change. I do feel a greeting of "Hey Lynn" is a little too casual for business correspondence from someone you do not know.

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Hello, Bill, Ntokozo, and Cindy. Thank you for commenting.

Bill, I am guessing that the link provided would lead to information about renewing domains ("you might want to log into your account (https://my.ixwebhosting.com) and make sure your domains are set up for renewal as well"). Including more information about that topic in the email might make it too long. My domains are not registered with IX Web Hosting, so I did not need more.

Ntokozo, I too enjoyed reading the message. That is why I wanted to share it with you.

Cindy, I agree about the very casual "Hey Lynn." It's the IX Web Hosting style (casual and friendly), and I have gotten used to it. I myself would never use "Hey" in a message to a customer.


Marcia Yudkin

I don't enjoy doing business with companies that address me with "Hey." It makes me feel like they are a bunch of teenagers, and I don't trust them as much as a company that addresses me as if we are both adults.

Business Writing Blog

Hi, Marcia. Yes, IX Web Hosting does risk pushing away its customers with "Hey." I wonder whether it works both ways--whether some customers enjoy the informality.

Thanks for stopping by.



That's a pretty funny domain renewal notice!


On the other hand, I would try to go along with service. No matter if they Heying me or howdy ing me or none of them
From my experience, Ixwebhosting has great customer support. I always get support in minutes from their live chat

Jimmy K

Ixwebhosting is professional in matters of customer support and retention. Their emails are professional that you feel like chatting with them every time.

I would recommend Ixwebhosting to everyone.


I do feel a greeting of "Hey Lynn" is a little too casual for business correspondence from someone you do not know.

Business Writing Blog

Good point. Since I have an ongoing relationship with the company, the informality seems right to me.


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