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November 25, 2014


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Great thanks and i really interested and love it.
its helpful to me as i look.

Business Writing Blog

You are welcome!


Violeta Oliveira

Thank you!!


i am very thankful to Ms LYnn
its too much helpful for me

Business Writing Blog

Hussain, you are welcome.


Debra Benton

Thanks for this post. This was very helpful. I am now reviewing more information you have on this site. Thank you.

Business Writing Blog

Hi Debra,

Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you found this piece helpful.



Dear Lynn,

Could you please clarify whether we can use "As" while opening a sentence in an e mail

Business Writing Blog

Hello Shobha,

You can certainly use "As" as the first word in an email, like this:

As we discussed yesterday, I have attached the revised proposal.


As promised, here are the new budget figures.


Engy Badrakhan

How can I start writing a letter to a friend that I should be telling her that I was visiting a new country and what did I do there and so on...

Business Writing Blog


You might try an opening sentence like one of these:

--I am excited to tell you all about my travels to ______ [country].
--I have been looking forward to telling you about my trip.
--My trip to _____ [country] was wonderful, and I am pleased to tell you about it.


S. Mageshwari

Good evening Lynn mam,
in business letter, Which is the correct word to start a letter - I can't like to start a word with Dear ....., inspite of this I would like to start with Goodevening Mr / Mrs. ..... Its ok or not.
Pls post your comment immediately.
Thanks in advance.
S. Mageshwari

Business Writing Blog

You can find my suggestions here:

Tshepiso Ntshabele

Thank you so much Lynn, now am confident that whenever i write a letter the reader will be thrilled by my composition... all thanx to you. Really helpful.

Business Writing Blog

You are very welcome!



Thanks a lot for mrs Lynn ! I'm going to have a writing test and actually I am not too good in making sentences and writing . This is very helpful for me !

Business Writing Blog

I wish you success on your test!



thx lynn if it wasnt for u my mom would have beat me


Meeting room for more than 2 people
Board Conformance room meeting for more than 4 people

plz check is that correct grammer

Business Writing Blog

Sorry, I don't understand the question, but I'll give it a try:

If you are trying to schedule a room, you can say "We need a meeting room for more than two people." You can also say "We need a room for more than four people for the Board Conformance Meeting."


Angelis Jessica

Thank you so much! it helps me a lot on my assignment :)

Angela Anderson

I am running low on my deadline for my assignment and an introduction sentence for a bad newsletter to an insurance company from a finance corporate company. I have til 11:59 pm tonight to do this entire letter and I am stuck blank on an introduction sentence, eeek!!

I pray someone is still up and may be able to help!!
Thank you,


Hey Lynn... can you kindly explain that how we make our cover letter (application) more attractive and grasping like opening sentences for a request or job application?

Business Writing Blog

Hi Mehrinah,

It depends on the job you are applying for. Some jobs require creative flair; others want crisp professionalism.

If you would like to tell me the job and try writing the opening sentence yourself, I will be happy to provide feedback.

Beyond that, you don't want an opening sentence to be "grasping." Compelling or engaging, yes. Grasping, no.


Soma Chakraborty

It's really awesome to highlighted certain phrases and collaborations used in this letter..Thanks


This was interesting! Thank you very much Lynn!! :)


Hello Lynn,
I just wanted to ask, what is the best way to start a letter to a company?
Many Thanks, Dina.

Business Writing Blog

Hi Dina,

I'm glad you liked the information. Regarding your question, are you asking about the salutation (greeting)? If so, type "salutation" in the search box, and you will find what I have written on that topic.

If you are asking about the opening sentence, the examples above should help.





Very useful indeed. thanks a ton! :-)


Hello Lynn,
Thank you for the interesting Website.
Is the phrase "I hope this finds you well." good for the correspondence resumption after some break?

Business Writing Blog

Nikolay, please put the string "Opening Sentences for Global Email" into the search box on this site. I have discussed your question in that article.



Hello Lynn,
Do you have any advice or tips on how to write a persuasive letter? Thanks.

Business Writing Blog

Hi Adam,

Please try the word "persuasive" in the search box on this site.



Hi Lynn
How would I start a letter to the president persuading him not to cut the Peace Corps budget?
Love you,

Business Writing Blog


Try writing the rest of the letter, and then come back to your opening sentence. The right opening may be clear to you then.

Also, type the word "persuasive" in the search box on this website, and see what you find.



Thank you, very useful.

M. albaseer

first of all i'm so sorry for my English bad ...
i'm a mathematician PH.D student and i wanna to wright Opening report, so i had difficulties because of my English language...
i trying to use Google but no results ...

Business Writing Blog

In your first sentence, answer the question your readers are asking: What is this about?

Good luck!


Anthony R.

Is it OK to start with "It was nice to speak with you earlier"? Or are there better ways to start an email after speaking with someone for the first time?

Sheikh Umair Anjum

love this blog

Business Writing Blog

Hi Anthony,

"It was nice to speak with you earlier" is fine as a friendly opening. However, you should follow it with something that gets to the purpose of your message. For example, if you are following up on something that came up in that conversation, your next sentence could be this:

"As promised, I have attached the _________ you requested."

If your purpose is simply relationship building, you might continue in a friendly way if you feel the reader will appreciate it. But keep in mind that some business readers are all about business.



May please suggest another introduction for "I may report that"

Business Writing Blog

Bindu, please give me the entire sentence so that I will know how you are using "may."


Ahmad Ali

How I can start an email when I am asking my senior to provide me Data or Record etc?

Thank you

Business Writing Blog

Hi Ahmad,

Your situation seems similar to this example in the blog post:

Request information: I am seeking the answers to two questions about customs declarations for a shipment to Russia.

Yours might be like this: For the XYZ project, I need the data on _____ [subject] by ______ [date]. Can you please provide it?

You would also want to include a greeting such as "Hello Nigel," and a polite close like "Thank you."



Hi lynn , I'm asked to draft letter to company secretary context to time consuming process of project . Will u plz help me wd startup


Thank you very much for clear explanation! If you don't mind I will it for my Ukrainian learnes in my personal blog.

Business Writing Blog

Anastasia, you are welcome to use up to 100 words in your blog, with a link back to this blog:
Any more than that would be copyright infringement (and illegal).

I'm glad you like the explanation.



Thank you for the info, I am sure to use this and positive it will make a difference

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