Need a Punctuation Class? Try This Test.

In response to client requests, I have designed a new online self-study course, Punctuation for Professionals. It's a lively, interactive review of the essential rules of punctuation.  

Would you benefit from a punctuation class? See whether you can identify punctuation errors in 8 of the 16 sentences below. 

  1. We submitted the proposal last week, however, we have not received approval yet.
  2. The plan includes: goals, timelines, and a budget.
  3. Several one-hour webinars are available as complimentary downloads.
  4. Lori needs a weeks notice to arrange catering for meetings.
  5. Appendix 7 includes details on all four transportation companies (see page 294).
  6. Hiroko is taking an early shuttle to Los Angeles and Han is planning to drive his car.
  7. Thank you, Clare, for filling in at the reception desk last week.
  8. Bill and Hillary Clintons’ home is in New York.  
  9. Teo moved from Vancouver, British Colum­bia, to Seattle before settling in Calgary.
  10. Two employees’ cars were under the awning when it collapsed.
  11. When customers click this button a dropdown box with three choices appears.
  12. Here are the winners: Michael Grace, Accounting; Davida Banks, Finance; and Elray Davis, Member Services.
  13. December 15, 2014, is the last day we accepted the vouchers.
  14. Carl will manage the volunteers on Friday; Renee will manage them on Saturday.
  15. Hala has asked that everyone review the long range plan before the meeting.
  16. The course he wants to take is “Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector.” 

This answer key indicates the errors but not the corrections. To learn more, try a free trial of Punctuation for Professionals

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