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December 11, 2015


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Well put! : ) I wish I wrote this article myself!

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Glad you like it!



Hi Lynn,

Have printed and pinned this to my wall as a reminder to myself. Thank you.


Wish I could pass this article on to my manager...

Tina Riss Christiansen

Excellent piece, Lynn. It definitely deals with the big problems and frustrations of having a manager who changes things just to "their mark" on it or the ones who are always sure their writing is better so they "fix" it. Both are totally demoralizing, as is just sending it back with "I hate it" or "This doesn't work." My biggest peeve was an executive that didn't value the skill and revisions required. He constantly told us, "It should only be a page or two and should only take you a couple of hours."

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Ruth, I am glad you value the ideas enough to pin them to your wall. Thanks for letting me know.


Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Rebe, I wish you could too.

Good luck!


Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi Tina,

Thanks for your affirmation. And thanks for adding the good (bad) example of the boss who comments "I hate it" or "This doesn't work." Very frustrating!

I wonder whether the executive was trying to be helpful in signaling his expectations. Even if that was the case, he failed in communicating clearly.

Thanks for stopping by.


Howard Koor

Nice, the only exception I would add is the preference for shorter emails. People need to keep it as short as possible and still give the needed info. Thank you.


I appreciate the efforts made by my manager towards building my professional career In the construction industry. He is the only one who always stand by me when ever I am in need. I am very thankful to him and wish him very good luck for his future endeavor.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi Howard,

Yes, I agree that people need to write concise, yet complete emails.

What's frustrating is the boss who sets arbitrary limits, like 25 words or less.


prajjwal patle

would that be helpful to use more sophisticated words when writing a business letterrs. eg. using the word "endeavour" instead of "try".
please do comment.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Do not focus on using sophisticated words. "Try" is better than "endeavour" because it is short, clear, and spelled only one way.



This only helps the manager who finds the article. Having a manager who re-writes and micro manages and has the mind set the " my way is the only way" is why I seek employment elsewhere. I would rather take a pay cut than to have a helicopter manager.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi Stacy,

Good point about only helping managers who find the article. I will think about how to spread the word more widely.

Good luck finding a new job and good manager!


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