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February 03, 2016


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Marcia Yudkin


I am not sure about your example #4.

If I am waiting desperately for a check from your company, and you know that it cannot be issued for 1-3 weeks, then I very much would appreciate knowing that. This doesn't require detailing the reasons for the delay. Saying just “I will see that your check is processed as quickly as possible” in this situation seems to me unkind and unfair.

What do you think?

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi Marcia,

Excellent point! You are right--if the individual can do nothing to speed up the process, stating when the check is expected to go out would be very helpful.

I would hope that the individual would accept responsibility for getting the check out faster depending on the circumstances. In the scenario, the assistant is on vacation. Can no one else request a check? In my experience, when people want to release a check faster, they can.

Thanks for your helpful comment.



Maybe it deserves to be said that if you work for a company that frequently puts you in the position of having to explain away poor corporate behavior, or to temporize or lie on its behalf, you should take a hard look at your employment situation.

Lisa Marie Mutchler

Lynn, these are all excellent and helpful examples. I will admit that I was challenged by #3. I started a new job two months ago, and I have definitely written similar statements. I usually write, "I am new here, so I am still learning." Often I am writing this to my colleagues within the company at various locations around the world, though, not customers. Do you think that makes a difference? I would appreciate your thoughts!

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Jim, I agree. "Temporize"--that's a fine word I don't see often.

Thanks for commenting.


Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi Lisa Marie,

Congratulations on your new job! Yes, I agree that telling colleagues around the world that you are new makes sense. It helps them understand the limits of your knowledge and experience so they can communicate well with you. For instance, it helps them recognize that you might not know their acronyms or the nicknames of people in various offices.

Thanks for raising that point.


Lisa Marie Mutchler

Thanks for your response, Lynn! I appreciate it.


Great tips as always! Email can be such a clumsy medium. Sometime it's best to pick up the phone and talk.


helpful article Lyn. Thanks

Naman Soni

Things to be kept in mind whilr replying or writing an email. Very helpful.


Naman Soni

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