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February 10, 2016


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George Raymond

For one of my clients, I have inserted a page discussing and defining the jargon - and jargon variants - surrounding the company's offerings. Our hope is that this will get us into more search results.

Joanne Vidal

Well said! Also really important for anyone for whom English is a second language or even if they are not from the same country as the author...

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

George, creating a web page with jargon and jargon variants is an interesting approach. Thanks for commenting.


Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Joanne, good point. I believe I forgot to mention that group of readers in the blog post.


Peter Giblett

A huge challenge can be those acronyms. I came across one instance where it eventually caused terrible confusion. The IT people in the room used the short-form which was accepted without question by the industry specialists. Turns out there was an identical acronym, with a different totally meaning, being used.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Peter, I have had that happen too. In a personal example, my daughter asked me what BPA stood for. I suggested Bonneville Power Administration, one of my clients. But what she was reading referred to an industrial chemical in plastic.

Thanks for stopping by.


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