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March 31, 2016


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Carlos Martinez

Lynn, I am not a college instructor; however, I wanted to give it a try.

I received your text about your concerns regarding the first assignment.

My understanding is that the attendance policy has created some confusion.

I will release your grade after you complete the final project.

This budget needs some adjustments before it can be approved.

Thank you for sharing your idea. Due to our low budget, it cannot be implemented. (kindly explain why the idea will not produce results.)

I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.


Fran Moore

Dear Lynn, thank you!!!!! My position is Secretary to the Social Science & Business Division at our local community college. I work as faculty secretary to both full-time professors and adjunct instructors, providing clerical support for them and for their division chair. I can tell you that this resource is VERY much needed. It is my hope that they will take this opportunity to improve communications, as I am passing it to our division chair today.

Business Writing Blog

Hi Carlos,

Nice job! You successfully revised the relationship-busting aspects of the statements. I especially like your use of these words and phrases: concerns, understanding, I will, approved, thank you for sharing, and I'm sorry.

My versions are slightly different. See what you think of them.

--Thank you for sharing your concerns about the first assignment. (Saying "thank you" defuses the negative emotion.)

--I'd like to clarify the attendance policy OR I'd like to clarify the attendance policy for everyone's benefit. (Replaces "confusion" with "clarify.")

--I will release your grade as soon as I receive your final project and review it. ("As soon as" expresses immediacy.)

--I'd like to learn more about certain aspects of this budget.

--Interesting idea. Let's talk about how it would work.

--Thank you for your patience with this situation. (Shifts the focus away from the inconvenience.)

Of course, our revision depends on how we imagine the context for each statement.

Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas.


Business Writing Blog

Fran, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm! I hope to hear from one or more instructors at your college.


Carlos Martinez

Lynn, thank you! Great suggestions. Working in the hospitality business, we refrain from being negative, cold, and uninterested when interacting with our guests. We have embraced the "Be the Difference" attitude in our departments. "Let me see what I can do for you" and "thank you for your patience," are always well-received statements, versus the harsh "No, I can't do that" or "that is not my problem."
Thank you, for writing your blog!

Business Writing Blog

Hi Carlos,

I like the statement "Consider it done," which may apply in some of your interactions. I wrote about the expression here: http://www.businesswritingblog.com/business_writing/2006/09/consider_it_don.html



Hi Lynn, I really liked your blog.
I am not sure if this is the correct post to ask this question but I didn't know where else to write.

Is the below sentence correct to use at the end of an email?

"We look forward to serving you with our best"

Business Writing Blog

I apologize for the delay in responding. When I first read the statement you are asking about, I didn't have an instant answer.

I like the tone of the statement. The phrases "look forward," "serving you, and "our best" all have a positive feeling. I do wonder, however, our best what?

Thinking it over, I have decided that I would not use the statement because of its feeling of incompleteness. But that's only my opinion. Do ask the opinion of others.


Vaibhav Sharma

Hi Lynn,

Thank you for responding.

Yes, I also felt the incompleteness but then people also say "Give my best to..."
I am from India and English is not my first language. Also, I don't know anyone better than you to ask such questions.
One day I just came up with this sentence and I would like to continue using it instead of usual email endings if I know it's not too wrong.
I would greatly appreciate if you could consult with your friends and give me an answer even if takes some time.
Thank You.
You are awesome

Business Writing Blog

Hello Vaibhav,

Unfortunately, I do not have time to make this question a priority. You will have to be satisfied with my opinion or take the time to consult others.


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