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January 09, 2017


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This post is simply AMAZING!!!! Completely different from everything I have already seen on PPT presentations. Thank you.


I have never heard the idea of a placeholder slide. I love it! What a great way to also avoid when the speaker's comments advance beyond the current slide and as an audience member you're wondering if the speaker forgot to move the presentation forward.

Business Writing Blog

Alessandra, thanks for your enthusiasm!


Business Writing Blog

Caryn, I'm glad you like the placeholder idea. "Placeholder" is the term I use, but others may have another term for it, maybe something like "transition slide."

Thanks for noting that a placeholder can save the audience from worrying about whether the presenter forgot to advance the slides. Good point!


Olivia MacDonald

Excellent observations and helpful remedies! A pet peeve, since you asked: In training presentations, some presenters will simply read what is on their slides, adding no background, analysis, exceptional cases, further application . . . nothing. Pretty boring.

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That's a peeve of mine too, Olivia. Boring! People read much more slowly aloud than we can read silently on our own.

Those presenters could just say "Read the essential points on this slide" if that's their goal. But it would be more effective if they revealed one brief point at a time and elaborated on it.



its really good one , very happy to get such information. looking forward for more such gems.

Dr. Mary Catherine Thompson

Where's Waldo.... tearing his hair out at presenters who read slides word-for-word. I totally agree with Olivia and Lynn. Reading slides word-for-word is one of the most annoying errors presenters make and when done to extreme, encourages viewer abandonment of the webinar or attendee zone-out in the face-to-face environment.

Mary Catherine

Business Writing Blog

I'm with you, Mary Catherine. Thanks for sharing your annoyance!


Diana Steel

Thanks so much!
Honestly my Powerpoint skills are close to zero, what about special templates? Any reviews on these ones https://www.templatemonster.com/powerpoint-templates.php ? Thanks in advance!

Business Writing Blog

Hi Diana,

I would not pay for a PowerPoint template unless it was being designed specifically for me and my purpose.

If you use PowerPoint, Microsoft includes many templates. I recently found one of them perfect for a presentation I gave at my church. Check them out.


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