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August 04, 2017


Marcia Yudkin


All excellent suggestions! Here's one more, suggested by a participant in one of my writer's block workshops years ago. She would begin typing the Gettysburg address ("Four score and seven years ago..."), and inevitably just a couple of sentences in, she would be able to segue into the topic she was actually supposed to write about.

For her, it was like warmup scales for a singer.

There are lots more ideas and writing exercises to get you going when you're stuck in my ebook, "No More Writer's Block," available for Kindle at and in PDF at

Cathy Miller

Hi, Lynn. I have written several blog posts on coming up with ideas for posts. I know this is only one form of writer's block but I thought I'd share a Slideshare presentation I did on my method. Hope you enjoy. ☺

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi Marcia,

Thanks for the unique tip. I love it!

And thanks for mentioning your e-books. Very helpful.


Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Cathy, great method! I love the examples you gave of how to add the business spin. Thanks for sharing your creative approach.



All great ideas! With a looming deadline, the "change of scenery" method can be a slippery slope - many of my colleagues start checking their social media sites, but what starts as a harmless 5-minute check turns into lost hours of liking and commenting with no constructive result in sight. What I usually recommend is physically removing the body from the computer/paper and the mind usually follows.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Kristyna, thanks for that excellent advice.



Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep this in my mind. keep posting.


Music and lay down for a while is my way out, It gives extra energy and idea for sure.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Yes, those are good methods too.


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