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February 12, 2018


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Thank you for the links -- very helpful!


As I was learning English in London, I was taught I should be consistent in my writing: if you start with BE, carry on with BE! Not so easy, I must say.

No one cares if my English is perfect at work, but I like it to be as good as possible, for myself. That's one reason why I'm following your blog.

Thanks to you, now I have a great link to help me pick the better option, when in doubt! Problem is, sometimes I don't even have a doubt. For instance, I've just learnt there's gray and grey!

Anyway, I love English, be it American or British, and I'm grateful for all your articles, I always learn something new and useful.

Business Writing Blog

Brianna, you're welcome.

Deborah, I am so glad you find this blog helpful. Thanks for commenting.



I am always grateful for your articles. I get sharpened in my writing with every other article I read from you.

Keep it up.


Business Writing Blog

Violet, thank you for taking the time to share positive feedback.


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