Top 5 Software to Help Grow Your Business

Ideally, a business runs like a well-oiled machine, with all the cogs seamlessly working together in perfect harmony.  Needless to say this demands a large investment of both time and money, and too often mundane tasks require an disproportionate amount of time, taking precious resources away from proactive tasks.  Luckily, today’s professionals are armed with a myriad of software to help them mitigate their workload and allow them to concentrate on what matters most.  There is software for your accounting needs, Scrivener for writing tasks, AutoCAD for making 3D designs, etc.  A vast ocean of apps and tools exists, which can help facilitate everyday tasks, and help entrepreneurs simplify their work.  To help you navigate this wide array of software, we have compiled a top five list to help  enhance productivity and grow your business.

1.    Seer

The ability to quickly scan multiples files and documents cannot be underrated.  The frustration of looking for a deeply buried file, or having to open multiple documents is known to all.  This where Seer comes it. This practical tool allows the user to quickly scan the contents of PDF files, photos, folder and other types files without having to open them.  Seer also helps watch videos, grab text from any text file, and much more, all without waiting for the files to load.

2.    SodaPDF

Whether you are running a small business or managing a large enterprise, working with PDFs is a daily experience for most of us.  There is much debate about the best tool to manage these files. Some software will perform one task but not another. Sodapdf  – a versatile PDF editing software – aims to rise above the rest as a definitive leader in the field, being the first full-featured PDF solution that is accessible on any connected device.  An all-in-one PDF software, Sodapdf enables you to create PDFs from 300+ types of files, convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT and more, facilitate e-signature, and decode a vast spectrum of documents. An absolute must for all your PDF needs.

3.    AquaSnap

Multitasking is a regular experience for today’s professional, and multiple open windows is an unavoidable daily reality for most of us. Aquasnap provides much needed relief in keeping them all organized. This nifty software allows the user to dock, tile, snap and stretch various windows and applications for a more user-friendly experience that provides a productive work flow.  The tool even allows the user to place an important window on top, always visible, for quicker access.

4.    Quick Access Popup

We all know the pain of searching for a misplaced folder or file and the frustration of time being consumed by an unnecessary task.   This is where Quick Access Popup comes into play. As its name suggests, this tool is your one stop file retriever which allows you to concentrate on the task at hand, and avoid endless searching.  The software is fully customisable and allows to prioritise various files, text snippets, folders, programs and more, as “favorite.”

5.    TeamViewer

TeamViewer is considered the best remote access software option for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Once TeamViewer is installed on your device, it allows the user to connect to and control it from anywhere in the world using another mobile device or computer. You can even supervise the activities of your team to further enhance productivity.


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