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September 06, 2018


Chanaka Palliyaguru

Hi, Lynn.

The letter "Y" is missing in the first word.

Kind regards,

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Thank you, Chanaka. I have fixed it.



I really like your posts, Lynn. Thank you!

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Judi, thank you for being a fan and for taking the time to comment.


George Raymond

Acroyms and other abbreviations are often counterproductive because they make the reader pause and decode. HTH.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

George, I enjoyed your perfect example. Staring at HTH doesn't help me recognize it.



About "5. Avoid "shoulding on" your readers.".

A few days ago I received this email:

"Dear Sirs,
pls let me have by return the supp docs about yr a.m. invoice because we cannot find our shpm.
Thks and rgds"

I'll leave it to you to comment!

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Deborah, thanks for this example. I just wrote about it here:


Jon B.

This is great advice!

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Jon, glad you like it.


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