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November 14, 2018


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I solved 3rd quest only.

> or in this blog post?

Is it correct to start sentence with "And"? I would use "Also".


Shelley Manes

In #1, yes, the comma is necessary; but I would also use "while" in place of "and". "While" suggests a difference between the two clauses, while "and" suggests more of the same. But I guess that is more of (my) perceived improvement vs. a correction, per se.
Love these quizzes!

Tommaso Caldarola

Question (in #1): is it correct We (capital case) after : ?

Business Writing Blog

Alex, it is correct to start a sentence with "And." However, it's considered slightly informal.


Business Writing Blog

Hi Shelley,

That's an interesting observation. I like your suggested edit.


Business Writing Blog

Tommaso, good question!

Most style manuals capitalize a sentence following a colon. However, if you use "The Chicago Manual of Style," CHICAGO only capitalizes a sentence after a colon if it’s a formal statement or rule or a series of sentences. In the example you are asking about, a series of two sentences follows the colon.


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