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January 15, 2019


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George Raymond

Hi Lynn, your examples are entertaining as always. For the millions of Europeans who see and hear both British and US English, a source of confusion is the British custom of treating an organisation as a plural, as in "ABC Company are committed to exceeding customer expectations".


I am guilty of using "this" alone. Thank you for defuzzing my writing.


Recently the editor at the newspaper - in my submitted article - changed i.e. to 'that is' and I thought it was odd. I thought probably some style guide of the newspaper to use full words. Now I understand why she did that. Thanks.

Business Writing Blog

George, thank you for pointing out that difference between British and US English. For more examples, I checked "Garner's Modern English Usage," which stated:

"BrE has gone so far in some contexts that many Americans would suspect a typographical error." It gives as an example "Oxford were the winners of the of the 136th University Boat Race . . . . "

I'll be watching for those plural verbs.


Business Writing Blog

Phyllis, I am glad you recognized the "this" issue in your writing. Thanks for commenting.


Business Writing Blog

Kumar, I am glad you got information here that helped you understand that editorial change. Thank you for letting me know.



Great, useful article. One of my pet peeves is "things". I had a very strict writing teacher once tell me "Don't you ever again use the word "things" in a paper for me! It's lazy!

Business Writing Blog

Hi Larry,

Yes, "things" is a good word to avoid. It reminds me of "this."

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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