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February 12, 2019


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emre ucar

Thank you so much Lynn. I always follow your blog. I am from Turkey. I study English. Your blog helps me so much to improve my skills.

Business Writing Blog

Emre, you are welcome. Thank you for your thoughtful message.



Thank you! Very useful post.


Maybe they thought there are so many that they can't be counted anymore! ;o)


Does it help to say that you use amount when referring to volume and number when referring to a group of individual items? I can count ten items which I consider 'adverts' on this page but it's not the number which irritates as much as the amount of the page (and of my capacity for comprehension) they occupy. For clarity, your banners and similar are relatively unobtrusive and not irritating :)


Thanks for the tip, Lynn. I missed the error. But, I stumbled on the word 'also' in the sentence.

Peter -- Still trying to learn English after sixty-four years.

Business Writing Blog

Elena, Debby, Walker, and Peter (D)--thanks for taking the time to comment.

Debby, you may be right that "they thought there are so many that they can't be counted anymore!" The author of the article also got Number 4 above wrong, which is about websites.

Walker, yes, you have the idea.

Peter, I'm glad you now know about the error. The word "also" would not have tripped you up in context.


Dinah Ramirez

Gosh, I normally would not have noticed this when I'm reading, and I'm probably guilty of using amount/number incorrectly at times. Thanks for this grammar refresher! I'll be much more aware of this now!

Business Writing Blog

Dinah, I'm happy to have surprised you!


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