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March 04, 2019


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Was fun. Got 7 right. Occurrence, indispensable, poinsettia got me.
Also with auto correct these get mostly eliminated I think. On a separate note as a writer I find myself googling for thesaurus more for the right word.


I also got 7. The words poinsettia, bookkeeper and genealogy got me! I love that you included "restaurateur." I Googled this word the other day, but with the second spelling: "restauranteur." I was hoping to find a synonym for "foodie." Restauranteur wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Great exercise.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi Kumar,

Seven is good. "Occurrence" and "indispensable" are important words to know. "Poinsettia" is tricky because most people pronounce it a different way.

Autocorrect does catch most of these if you pay attention to it. However, mine missed "fuschia" and "unwieldly."


Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi Kelly,

Nice work. Reading "Dreyer's English," I was surprised to learn that the preferred word is "restaurateur" from the French. Dreyer doesn't even accept the n version.



I easily spotted 8 mistakes and then got stuck wondering which could be the other 2. I got fooled by buoyant and unwieldy because I've never come across them and also don't know their meaning.

I love this kind of test, thank you for sharing it with us!

Tamara D. DeBose

This was fun! I missed a few but I really enjoyed this.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi Deborah and Tamara,

Thanks for testing yourselves and commenting. I wonder how the test would have gone if I had not stated how many words were misspelled. Harder, right?

Deborah, "buoyant" and "unwieldy" are good words to add to your vocabulary. Look up their meanings and see whether you can work them into conversations this week.


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