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August 09, 2019


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Brooke Rolston

Favorites of mine: "The Devil's Dictionary" by Ambrose Bierce, and "Anguish Languish" by Howard Chace.
Brooke Rolston

George Raymond

A search for "Fun poem about English pronunciation" brings up a classic in this category.




Sorry for this comment, but isn't the word supposed to be "enTry", as in "One entry is 'M for Mnemonic'" rather than "One enry is 'M for Mnemonic'"?



If only there'd been a proofreading article recently.... ;-)


Allison Horak

Bad English, Ammon Shea

Business Writing Blog

Hi everyone! I appreciate your comments.

Brooke, thank you for those two tomes. I look forward to dipping into them.

George, your search string brought up several gems. Thank you!

John, thank you for the correction. I've made the change. I had proofread the piece several times but then made a change in that sentence. Silly me!

Nick, hah! Yes, I've fallen off my high horse--but only temporarily.

Allison, "Bad English" sounds good. Thanks for the tip.



Ha ewe en dbro whasa jigup ona dflow?

I have to ask myself as an over 50 person, it’s becoming obsolete to be able to spell.

Business Writing Blog

Hi Suzie,

Wow! I have no idea what your first paragraph says. Can you give me a clue?

I do need to stick up for youth, however. I know many young people who are excellent spellers and writers.



Hello Lynn,

It took me a little while to put it into today’s younger language. When read as a following greeting between teenagers ( complex hand gestures included while pulling the other into a tighter embrace if friendship or family bonds are strong), I have worked out it is another form of “gidday mate, what’s new?” here in Australia. mainly Islander or Maori in greeting.

Business Writing Blog

Thanks, Suzie. I am beginning to understand.


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