Proofreaders, Follow the Rules!

As someone who designed the course Proofread Like a Pro, I pay attention when a competitor offers a training program on proofreading. Today my inbox included an invitation to a session. Below is the graphic with the program title. 

Proofreaders, do you see anything wrong?  

Proofreading graphic

Yikes! This program title contains two obvious errors–obvious at least to proofreaders. 

I read on. The program description and the author bio both contained a spacing error. In one, a space came before a comma, which is never correct. In another, no space appeared between two sentences. 

If you would like to learn to proofread well, please take my course Proofread Like a Pro. You can test yourself in the free course demo.

Did you find the two errors? I hope so!

Syntax Training 




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