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August 01, 2019


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Still no comments? Your readers must be all on holiday!

Well, I don't have an interesting input here, I only wish there was a style sheet in our Company. We don't even use the same font in emails or contracts. Also our email signatures are inconsistent. Image matters in business...

Business Writing Blog

Hi Debby,

I've noticed the lack of comments too. Maybe people just aren't moved by the topic. But they should be, right?

I wish there were a style sheet at your company too. Fonts, signatures, formats--having consistency in those (not to mention a range of other things) would make life easier for you and clearer for your customers.

Have you tried to promote a style sheet?

Good luck.


David Reynolds

Outstanding idea. I am sharing with some colleagues at work – those who are in the position to establish the guidance initially, and can then share it with others. Thereafter, we should hold ourselves and one another accountable to maintain consistency with our decisions regarding these internal style manual details. A good post. Thank you!

Jennifer Nauss

I'm putting creation of a style sheet on my marketing & communications assistant's project list. I've been thinking about it ever since I read your post, but today seeing "preventative" used in a draft social media post made me cringe. Why use more letters when you can use fewer with "preventive?" That's going to be the first entry on the style sheet. I'm sharing this post with her if she hasn't already read it since I made her subscribe to your blog.

Business Writing Blog

David, you are welcome. Thanks for letting me know about your plans.


Business Writing Blog

Jennifer, nice work! I hope the assistant has a strong sense of the importance of this project. A style sheet is not fluff--it can be a valuable tool for clarity, efficiency, and consistency.


Shalom Bresticker

You asked,
"Why don't they just choose The Chicago Manual of Style or AP Stylebook and follow its rules?"

One of the big reasons in my opinion is that those manuals are just too big for your regular employee to have to master. You have to cut them down to a small size with what is most essential for your fellow worker to know.

Business Writing Blog

Hi Shalom,

I think "The AP Stylebook" is a reasonable size and is right for most businesses. The issue is that there are many things a company needs to decide for itself. Those items belong in a style sheet.

Thanks for stopping by.


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