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September 09, 2019


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Call me an old cynic, but I'm finding it hard to think of ANY gift that wouldn't offend a "Department of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion".


Such a strange name for a department...
"OK guys. Remember we have 3 buzzwords in our title:
Equity -- everyone has to be the same.
Diversity -- everyone has to be different.
Inclusion -- don't allow conservative speakers on campus.
Have a productive day, comrades!"


My guess is the vendor was trying to make a point. Because in today's divisive atmosphere, it's perfectly OK to "take a stand" at the expense of a sale

Emily A.

@Nick: I can appreciate the attempt at sarcasm, but the department's name includes the word "Equity," not "Equality." Equity implies fairness and impartiality, not sameness.

@Lynn: This is a smart post--good reminder to be in tune with your audience at every point of contact.

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Hi Nick, Michelle, and Emily,

Thanks for weighing in on this subject.

Nick, if I wanted the department's business, I would search my collection of keychains we had produced to find something that would relate to them. It might be something we had done for a university team or program, for an organization with a global focus, or even just something funny and creative. I would not choose something like "My Guns, My Right, My Country," which is already a divisive topic in the United States. It's not a good fit for this customer. Indeed, I can think of only a few potential customers where this would DEFINITELY be a good sample product, places like gun clubs, NRA chapters, and maybe hunting clubs.

Michelle, I don't understand your point yet. Are you saying that the vendor did not want to work with the Department of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and therefore tried to lose the sale? Or is it that the vendor felt the keychain--which takes a stand--would relate to the department's goals? If you see this comment, please elaborate.

Emily, thank you for helpfully defining "equity."



Thank you, Nick. You called it! The key chains would trigger all those Department of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion snowflakes who'd pout and need cuddly toys, lollipops, and safe spaces to ease their offendedness. Other opinions cannot be tolerated.

Business Writing Blog

Thinking of potential customers as "snowflakes" and making snide comments about them typically don't lead to increased sales. Considering what would appeal to customers does.

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