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October 21, 2019


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Allison Horak

My guess is that this is Google's attempt at humor (in the name of parallelism). But, as you pointed out, "troubleshootize" is not a word; rather than being funny, it comes across as silly / uninformed.

I'm with you on this one!

Jennifer Ann Elizabeth Leclercq

I'm bilingual French/English and there's a word in French which means 'to cover extensively in the media'. can you guess what that word is in French? Hit: the French love anglicizing and the '-ize'.


@Jennifer: is it 'fantasize'?

Bart Rosenberg

Does this have anything to do with the "...how are you guize..." greeting we receive from restaurant servers? Arghh.

Kathi McDonell

Lynn, as always, thank you for these helpful (and affirming) thoughts! I completely agree with you about "troubleshoot", whose meaning is perfectly clear without any "izing"!

@Jennifer: is the French word "mediatize" or "meadiatise"?

The workplace jargon term that drives me crazy is "incentivize". As far as I can tell, it is not recognized as a word in any of the official dictionaries. Or has it gone the way of "finalize" and "prioritize"? I have trouble coming up with a precise alternative, other than "to provide incentive", so I usually rewrite around it. I would be most interested in your thoughts and those of your readers.

Kathi McDonell

@Jennifer: please forgive the typo in my post above. The second word in quotation marks was misspelled and should have said "mediatise".

Randy D.

"Troubleshootize" makes my skin crawl! I'm not exaggerating.

Business Writing Blog

Hi Friends,

Thanks for commenting. I'm taking a long-distance train (Seattle-Chicago) with spotty internet, so I'm going to be brief.

Jennifer, we are all eager to learn your word. Is it something like "publicize" or "granmediatize"? Tell!

Kathi, I used to hate "incentivize," but I've gotten used to it. I empathize (a good one).

Gotta go. We're leaving civilization!


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