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October 11, 2019


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Yvonne van Grondelle

Dear Lynn,

So true!

For businesses or people conducting messages for foundations or such, there is also the option to use a mailservice program.
This website/blog has made a handy list:

I do volunteer work for a small foundation and we use Mailchimp. It is not very hard to learn and gives lots of options to get creative with. It is free for under 2000 subscribers.

(If I made any mistakes please educate me :) )

Love your posts, Lynn.

With regards,


Business Writing Blog

Hi Yvonne,

Thank you for mentioning the email marketing programs and providing the link. Those services could be a great solution for writing to groups of customers.

We also need to work on the way we think about the communication and ask, "Do all these individuals want/need to see one another's contact information and replies?" Usually the answer is no.

Thanks for your thoughtful words, Yvonne.


Bandula Ranathunga

Dear Lynn,
I agree with you. Most of the people who are working with me do the same mistake and I receive a bunch of unnecessary replies from others. Thank you very much for highlighting this issue, a lot of friends of mine usually read you because I have introduced you to them.
Bandula R

Business Writing Blog

Hello Bandula,

How wise of you to encourage your friends to read this blog. Let me know privately if you want me to write about a subject they need to learn!


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