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January 20, 2020


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If David thinks language isn't deteriorating, he should take a tour through the comments section of YouTube.

Anita Roberts

Thank you for the recommendation, Lynn. I look forward to reading it.


I loved linguistics in college and I agree with him. Those in power decide what is "right." English is constantly changing to what we need/want it to be. Written and spoken can be two different forms of usage - people tend not to type out everything on texts and comments. They use abbreviations and have come up with another form of language within it! I feel like an old fogie typing things out sometimes but that's what I prefer. If I can understand what the other person is writing/saying, then that's just another way to communicate.

Patty Rechberger

What a delicious post! I bet this book is fun to read.
I love the fact that language is alive and constantly changing, and agree that critics are just attached to what they are used to, and comfortable with. As a strong adopter of gender-neutral language, for example, I can appreciate the need for language to adapt and evolve.

The only thing that I see as a language requirement, is to be able to express oneself clearly. If you can understand what I mean, than I'm satisfied.

Business Writing Blog

Thanks for your comments, Nick, Anita, Laura, and Patty.

Nick, I don't read YouTube comments, but I can imagine them. I wonder whether the deterioration in the comments section is of language or of civility and the ability to debate thoughtfully.

Anita, I hope you enjoy the book. Let me know what you think.

Laura, thanks for your thoughts. You loved linguistics in college? You must have had an excellent text and teacher. And it sounds as though the learning stuck. Like you, I write things out and have intermittent fogey feelings.

Patty, I appreciate your ideas. I have tripped over the singular "they" for a while, but I am getting much better at it. I think you would enjoy "Don't Believe a Word."


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