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January 28, 2020


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Great advice! You excel in "Business Writing" and would, too, as a diplomat.


Congratulations for a great article (once again)! Seems we are in an era where we tend to forget our words have the power to either deeply hurt people or encourage them.

Business Writing Blog

KLS, thank you for your kind words and your continued readership.


Business Writing Blog

Mahenina, thank you for your wise comment. In the article I did not focus much on encouraging people--I'm glad you mentioned it.


Maria S

The challenge for many authors is to let go of the ownership of their writing. That's why it's so important to give feedback on the text rather than criticize the writer. This applies whether you're giving feedback inside or outside the organization and no matter what the organizational relationship between writer and reviewer is.

If you're a supervisor and give feedback on a direct report's writing, it's also particularly important to set clear expectations when assigning the task. Your direct report can't read your mind, so don't set them up for failure by not setting clear expectations. Feedback from a supervisor often stings more than feedback from others might.


Business Writing Blog

Excellent comments, Maria. I especially like the idea of giving feedback on the text rather than the writer.

Thank you!


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