What is Email Marketing Software and Does my Business Need It?

If your business needs to run email marketing plans, and you need assistance with the planning and execution of a campaign, email marketing software is the way to go. You’ll often see helpful campaign tools that allow you to streamline processes using automation, and they also often include features such as email scheduling and email builders. Most importantly, many email marketing software packages come equipped with robust reporting functions allowing businesses to understand what’s working and tweak their strategies accordingly.

Not only does email marketing allow you to present an offer to your customer base, but it also nourishes leads, increases customer loyalty and builds on the likelihood of direct sales. Not forgetting the brand exposure gained each time a customer clicks on your email. The process of sending batch emails is a lengthy process, consisting of creating a list, dividing addresses into groups, sending the emails and generating reports. Fortunately, email marketing software can alleviate some of these associated stresses by replacing the tasks with automated processes.

One of the great aspects of having email marketing software is its ability to analyze clear ROI using various metrics, and it also enables businesses to split test campaigns. It is possible to oversee key metrics as they happen, meaning you can see results in real time which would not be possible without such software. If the campaign is no delivering whilst you can see the real time results, it allows for on the spot tweaking to ensure the best possible results. If you wish to get the most out of a campaign and don’t utilize email marketing software, you might be missing out. To ensure you gain the best understanding of email marketing software’s potential, we’ve compiled this article to show precisely how your business can benefit.

You’ve now got the basic understanding of why many are turning to email marketing software providers instead of manually creating campaigns, you know what it does, but you’re wondering how it’ll benefit your business by using it. Let’s delve into the benefits of using email marketing software next.

Using email marketing allows businesses to reach their customer base in a cost-effective way, offering them the latest deals or offers, interesting or valuable content, or as a way to introduce a new product. It is no easy feat to manage an email marketing campaign, but using email marketing software takes the sting out of the entire process. here are some advantages to investing in email marketing software for your business.

Email Automation made simple. 

If you were to send 5000 emails in one hit, you’d spend most of the time copy and pasting and sorting through the addresses before hitting the send button. After you’ve got an email to the way you need it to be, email marketing software can take the reigns and automate the entire campaign process, including generating feedback reports, sorting recipients into groups and scheduling emails.

Promoting your social media efforts.

There are some email marketing software packages that link to your social media networks, meaning you can cross-promote your marketing efforts across multiple channels. If the recipient likes your Facebook or Instagram page, for example, you could create an email message offering them exclusive deals as thanks for being a follower. If your email list is robust enough, you could potentially turn your subscribers into fans across your social media platforms.

An affordable way to reach your target audience. 

Assuming you have a solid email list in place, you can use email marketing software to reach your target customers at a much more affordable cost than that of print, TV, radio etc. Additionally, the audience is more targeted than these other mediums as long as the list you’ve built uses opt-ins or utilises a permission marketing strategy. Many businesses begin campaigns with a purchased list to gain initial followers or subscribers, but moving forward its best practice to build your own lists around your customers. The cost will decrease significantly as your list grows with influences such as deals and white papers, meaning your ROI is much more worthwhile in using email marketing software.

There’s less risk involved.

Thanks to being able to monitor campaigns down to the most significant details, such as open and click-through-rates, it means you can sort the methods working for your campaigns away from the less successful processes. A/B testing tools are often included with email marketing tools, showing you the most relevant metrics across multiple campaigns.

Measuring and reporting with more accuracy.

There’s no better tool that can give quite as accurate campaign results as email marketing software when developing your content marketing strategy, and this is because it provides many useful metrics such as click-through-rates, open rates, levels of engagement and forwarded messages. Using a feedback report businesses can easily calculate the ratio of cost to benefit from aligning with the budget of every campaign.

Customer loyalty that keeps giving.

Due to the ease associated with campaign launches using email marketing software, you are constantly connected with your customers. You can tailor content to match your customer’s interests, showcase your latest offers or discounts, and connect with repeat customers to provide the latest deals. It is essential to nurture customer loyalty, and email marketing software makes that connection more fluid to influence more purchases further. There’s also the possibility of your email being forwarded to their family and friends, extending your overall customer reach.

What should my business consider when selecting email marketing software?

One of the first things businesses look at when exploring their email marketing software options is pricing, but with so many variants on the market, it’s important to look at other factors too. When exploring email marketing software providers such as bestemailmarketingsoftware.com, it’s worth looking out for the features we’ve detailed above in addition to some other considerations.

A user-friendly interface.

If email marketing software is hard to use, what use is it? The core purpose of having the software in the first place is to make your email marketing efforts simpler, so having something that’s easy to use is vital. Fortunately, cloud mailers nowadays are often pretty straightforward to use.

An intuitive mobile version

With more and more of us using smartphones and tablets to access the internet, it’s important to find an email marketing package that can deliver your emails to customer inboxes correctly in mobile apps.

How many emails (weekly or monthly)

With the free email marketing software providers around, most restrict the number of emails businesses can send each week or per month. if you have a huge mailing list, this can be a hindrance, so ensure your provider offers unlimited emails to reach the maximum number of customers.

All the core features

Take a closer look at what your chosen provider includes in their feature set, aside from the above features you should ensure they offer analytics and reporting, an email building suite, list management, autoresponders and tag merging features as standard.

Integration options 

lastly, you should check that your chosen email marketing provider can integrate with popular CMS providers such as WordPress and helpdesk providers. Having this function allows the sharing of customer service data and sales and marketing data. To ensure you can import lists, you should also check the provider allows for .txt, CSV formats and other widely used file formats to ensure you can easily access your customer mailing lists.

We hope you now have the necessary information to help you choose an email marketing software provider, but feel free to drop us a line in the comments should you require further assistance.



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