How To Write A Letter Of Intent

A letter of intent for a job can help young specialists to get the position of their dream. One can decide whether to write one or try to apply for a job without it. Writing one, however, should increase the chances of getting employed. In this article, we present a few recommendations on how to put this document together. These tips are relevant for nearly any job position and sphere of activity.

What Is A Letter Of Intent?

Sometimes, people also ask, “What is letter of Intent?” or “What is a letter of interest?”. These terms are synonyms. Potential employees compile these documents to send them to organizations where they want to work. By writing a letter of intent, they inform the hiring managers that they are interested in this particular company. They provide facts to confirm that they are relevant for this business.

The candidate does not need to wait until the company starts hiring. They can send the letter at any moment. After hiring managers receive it, they can invite the professional for a job interview. Otherwise, they might put their contacts in their database and get in touch with them once they have a suitable position.

Letter Of Intent VS Cover Letter

The letter of intent format indeed resembles that of a cover letter. Yet with the latter, the candidate strives to get a particular position. They know that the company is hiring, and they get a notion of the working conditions. In the former case, the professional is interested not in a position but a sphere. They are ready to consider diverse jobs and are flexible about working conditions.

For instance, the author of a cover letter might express their interest in the position of a junior content creator. The author of a letter of intent would say that they are interested in jobs related to creating content.

Letters of intent can considerably increase the specialist’s chances to get the job. First, the managers will be able to offer them several positions to select from. Second, HR teams like proactive people who know how to achieve their goals. Recent graduates might feel shy to attract attention to themselves, but it pays off.

If you are not confident in your abilities to put together a strong letter of intend, or need professional help, can turn to a professional essay writing service for assistance. Experienced writers create top-notch documents for their clients that will maximize their chances of landing a dream job.

What To Include In A Letter Of Intent?

In a convincing letter of intent, the candidate should focus on their skills, strengths, and experience. Here is a step-by-step guideline on the ideal structure of this document.


Letters of intent for college or company should start with a formal greeting. Preferably, the candidate should mention the name of the professional they are writing to. Otherwise, they may start the text by saying a simple “Hello.”


This part should be very brief, just 1-2 sentences. The author of the letter should express intent of getting a job in the company. Plus, they should briefly tell their potential employer who they are. Recent graduates should mention the name of the university that they attended and their areas of study. Those who have work experience indicate the names of the organizations that they worked for and their positions.

Paragraph With Relevant Skills

This part of intent letters contains 1-2 paragraphs. The candidate lists their strengths and skills and backs them up with examples of the tasks that they carried out. They prove that their competencies and experiences are relevant for the organization to which they are writing.

Ideally, a letter of intent for college or company should contain specific numbers. For instance, the candidate attracted 100 new clients to the organization where they worked previously — and can do the same for the new company. However, it is not always possible to include such statistics because of the character of the job.

Paragraph With a Call to Action

In the final phase of their statement of intention, the candidate invites their employer to get in touch with them. For this, they share their email address and phone number.


For intention letters, a signature at the end is not obligatory. The candidate can finish it with a formal sign-off, such as “Thank you” or “Sincerely.” They should avoid being informal. This document should end like a typical business letter.

General Tips for Writing a Letter of Intent

A letter of intent for business should be concise. The candidate should include only that information that is relevant to the company they are writing to. If their set of skills and work experience is vast, they should concentrate on their key merits and mention all the others briefly. The employer will see that they know how to prioritize information.

The author should specify the level of the positions that they are interested in: entry-level, senior, and so on.

Letters of intent for employment should not contain the desired payment range. The candidate will discuss this issue at the job interview, face to face with their potential employer.

The candidate should never mention any negative information. This is one of the most important tips on how to write a letter of intent for a job. They might not have been fully happy at their previous work. They might have reasons to complain about their ex-employers. But they should never mention it in the notice of intent.

It might happen so that an acquaintance of the candidate works for the company that the candidate wants to join. They can mention this acquaintance in a reference in their employee letter of intent. The acquaintance needs to know about it in advance and give their permission.

People can either email this document or send it in printed format. It depends on the sphere of activity and corporate culture of the organization. Large conservative entities might prefer paper format. Most others will have nothing against email.

A letter of intention should complement the CV and the cover letter but not copy or replace them. For newbies, it might be tricky to balance these documents. This is why they might need to learn how to write a cover letter and how to write a resume.

Letter Of Intent Template

This text can serve as a worthy template of a letter of intent. The more names, numbers, and measurable characteristics the letter contains, the better. The author could have specified where they took additional courses and how long did it take. Also, they might have mentioned their GPA for the coursework.

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Georgina Shapiro. I’m a recent college graduate from the University of ABCDE with a B.A. in English.  C Company has been setting the bar high for the whole machine learning industry. Please consider my request for employment on your machine learning team.

During my time at the University of ABCDE, the English language was my primary focus. But I also developed an interest in machine learning. In my free time, I studied the potential of applying artificial intellect in writing, proof-reading, translating, and editing texts. I took courses on Python programming language, machine learning, and data analysis. During my time as an undergraduate, I also worked as a freelance contributor for the Local Creative company and interned with Automated Translation Solutions Ltd.

X Company focuses heavily on experiments with machine learning and developing advanced algorithms for linguistic-based data analysis. Should X Company be looking for new staff members, please consider me for any entry-level positions. I am also attaching my CV. I would be glad to answer your questions at any moment if you contact me.

Thank you for your attention,

Georgina Shapiro





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