External Hard Drive Data Recovery In Three Simple Steps

    Recently, while I was working on an article, my computer decided to seemingly commit suicide and went completely black.  While thankfully most of my files were backed up, the article I was working on (along with a few some newer files) was gone….  So after hours researching external hard drive data recovery, I thought I would share some simple steps one can take, should this every writer’s nightmare happen to you. 

    External hard drives are counted as an excellent storage device used for the purpose of storing huge amounts of data. It is totally reliable and provides long-term data saving solutions. You can store as much data you want in your external hard drive without worrying about storage capabilities. But these external hard drives are also prone to damage thereby, resulting in data loss. What causes data loss in these hard drives? Well, there are numerous reasons which result in external hard drive data loss. Below given are a few such reasons:

    System shutdown

    Sometimes we face unexpected system shutdowns which leads to corrupting of hard drives which further results in data loss.


    Virus attack is another common reason which can lead to data loss from an external hard drive. The virus will corrupt the entire hard drive which would further lead to data failure.

    Power outage

    Power outage can take place at any time. They come unannounced and can end up effecting your hard drive to such an extent that it will result in data loss.

    Accidental file deletion

    Accidental file deletion is another factor that could result in data loss from an external hard drive. Sometimes we consider certain files to be insignificant and end up deleting them only to realize later on that those files were crucial. Well, in such cases it is ideal that you call for external hard drive data recovery services and get your data recovered back in time.

    Environmental factors

    No one has control over environmental happenings. It can take place anytime and anywhere. Floods, earthquakes, cyclones are all naturally occurring disasters and cannot be anticipated. All of this can end up effecting the systems in one way or the other which could further lead to data failure. In order to prevent data from being lost permanently, it is ideal that your hire external hard drive data recovery services and get your data restored as soon as possible.

    What To Do

    Now the question is what can be done if the data loss does take place? Let’s discuss about some potential solutions that can implemented in order to recover data from an external hard drive:

    Immediately cease the usage of that external hard drive

    Once you observe that a potential data loss has taken place, it is imperative that you cease the usage of the concerned external hard drive. Because if you do not do so and continue adding new data, it will end up overwriting the lost data which will eventually lessen the chances of data recovery.

    Do not install any software

    Do not consider installing any software for the purpose of recovering data from a corrupted external hard drive. Such software instead of recovering the data ruin your chance at an actual data recovery.

    Call external hard drive data recovery services

    The most appropriate and effective way to deal with an external hard drive data loss is to call external hard drive data recovery services for help and let them do their job. These people are experienced and know exactly how to achieve a successful data recovery.


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