10 Study Tools for Students That Always Help

    10 Tools College Students Should Use

    As with most aspects of life, when the pandemic hit, many changes were implemented to accommodate our daily lives. Learning, in particular, was moved to virtual meets and conditions. However, because most things are done online, many distractions are also present, making it hard to study.

    A result from a poll of more than 800 college attendees stated that 77% found online education worse than face-to-face classes. Technical problems, inability to cope, and lack of personal interaction, among others, affect college students and their performance. To avoid these interruptions, students find ways to keep their productivity and effectiveness up.

    Here are 10 apps to help you with your schoolwork:

    1.   Quizlet

    Quizlet has helped students with its flashcards, quizzes, and interactive games in 64 subjects since 2005. With 500+ million study sets verified by experts available, it now has 60 million monthly learners. It also has an AI Learning Assistant to help you find the best technique tailored to your studying habits.

    It’s great not only for university students but for all ages. It can even be used by teachers-in-training to customize quizzes and learn what types are most effective.

    2.   Evernote

    If you’re a fan of organizing your notes, schedule, and study, Evernote is a great online digital planner. Aside from having your planner wherever you go, you can also add images, documents, and audio to your notes to make them more cohesive and sorted out.

    Evernote also lets you clip and mark web pages that you need for reference. What’s even better? It offers a free plan that lets you do the note-taking essentials you need.

    3.   StudyBlue

    StudyBlue keeps its focus on collaboration among users as they share the same learning goals and studying process. It can be accessed through Chegg and has 500 million study guides and other materials for any study techniques that work for you.

    Users can also make study tools, modified quizzes, and share their notes in the online community through the website or the mobile application available for Android and iOS devices.

    4.   Marinara Timer

    Marinara Timer isn’t about marinara at all! It utilizes the Pomodoro Method, so its users end up with improvedproductivity. It’s a time management tool that dedicates 25 minutes for focus and allots 5 minutes for a break. It can be used by anyone, especially students, who want to concentrate.

    You can also choose what timer sound will play after your 25 minutes study, such as a chorus of women singing in “Angelic Song” or a guy shouting “Awwesome!”

    5.   Convert.io

    One of the most convenient tools available online, Convert.io, as its name suggests, can convert almost everything to help you study. It offers to convert video, audio, image, document, font, archive, and even ebooks.

    It has a straightforward interface and can be accessed through browsers without downloading and installing anything. It’s similar to a one-stop multimedia conversion shop so that you can focus on study o’clock.

    6.   HowToStudy

    Are you aware of the vital parts of your study process that you need to work around? HowToStudy offers various studytools and advice on preparing and setting your goals to keep you motivated and develop your learning style.

    The site also gives tips on preparing for and handling anxiety during tests and helps to keep away from procrastination. It’s an easy-to-navigate website where students can effortlessly find their topics according to the subjects already organized by the site.

    7.   Schooltraq

    Keep track of your due dates with Schooltraq’s academic digital planners. It also tracks your progress on your study and assignments, so you know what to prioritize. With the digital planner synching on your computer and phone, you can conveniently check your workload anytime, anywhere.

    Schooltraq has a simple, award-winning interface that lets users filter their dashboard for an overview of their schedule – either by due dates, subjects, or names. It helps you manage and organize your school life better.

    8.   Grammarly

    Especially if you’re a student unfamiliar with the English language, you’ll find the many rules confusing. It’s impossible to study English in one sitting, but what if you need to check if your output is using the correct grammar?

    That’s where Grammarly comes into the picture! Learn your English by running your assignments through the website or install the browser add-on for more efficient and improved writing.

    9.   Hippocampus

    Did you know that the part of your brain in charge of memory, information, and learning is called the hippocampus? Like its namesake, this online library uses visual stimuli to encourage you to study through a vast collection of multimedia content on 13 different subjects. Study the 7,000 videos available and links to other platforms for free. Teachers can also sign up for a free account and customize the site for their students.

    10.  Tinycards

    Tinycards by Duolingo offers a great collection of flashbacks for study sessions on the go. Users can create their own, share their work, or even download flashcards to help them study and hone their memorization skills.

    Because Duolingo is a known tool to study more than 30 languages, Tinycards is also available in different translations.





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