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8 Writing Assistants That Can Help You Write an Error-Free Article

Writing is an art that can be mastered only through patience, dedication, and practice. At the same time, it is also one of the most basic skills we rely on a lot at work, during studies, and in our everyday life. Thus, without any exaggeration, we can say that it is a skill that none of us can do without.

Okay, its importance is clear, but what if you are not too good at it? As was already mentioned, it is possible to develop this skill if you can put a bit of effort and patience into it. But, that’s not the only way. Luckily, today there are plenty of great tools that can help you boost this skill and ensure that every article or document you create is error-free.

In the list below, we have gathered some of the most advanced and helpful tools that will help you start writing to your best ability.


Students’ lives can get tough. Academic papers make up a large part of the modern educational program and writing is one of the biggest stumbling points that can hold you back from academic success. 

EssayPro is an academic writing service that helps students tackle writing assignments faster and easier. Students can hire a professional academic essay writer for help with various writing projects and dissertation writing help. If you’re looking for help with articles, essays, or any other papers, be sure to check out EssayPro to take your academic performance to the next level!


Speaking of handy tools for writing, it is simply impossible to avoid mentioning Grammarly. If you haven’t tried it yet, we are sure that you must’ve at least heard of it at some point. Grammarly is one of the most recognized and widely-used tools for polishing any kind of text and document. The tool can be used right from the browser and free of charge. In addition, there are Grammarly apps for mobile and handy extensions for Microsoft Word, Windows, Mac, and various browsers.

One more thing you need to know about this tool is that though it has a pretty functional free version, there is also a premium version that unlocks more advanced features and can help you make your texts even more compelling. The prices for expanded functionality are rather affordable and start from only $12 per month.


Another service for effortless and effective academic writing is WritePaper. Just like EssayPro, this service was tailored to the needs of modern students. Using it, you can also delegate your essays and other assignments to professionals with years of experience and vast knowledge in pretty much any field of study.

One more highlight of this service is its affordability. The team of WritePaper makes professional academic help available to everyone. And the best part of it is that despite the low price, the service always delivers impeccable quality.


The next tool on our list is the quintessence of a writing assistant. With its simplicity and wide range of features, it is one of the best picks for people looking to create error-free articles.

Zoho has everything you may want to find in this kind of tool. It has gathered the best features of the most well-known apps and created something indeed irreplaceable for everyone who is dealing with writing on a daily basis. It helps you ensure that your texts are well-structured, clear, and contain no mistakes. It also enables you to collaborate on your documents with other users. And, lastly, Zoho also has many great templates and advanced formatting features to help you ensure that your documents both sound and look good.


Another great option you can use is LibreOffice. This tool can be considered an alternative to Microsoft Office products. The only two differences are that it is open-source and free of charge.

How can it help you? LibreOffice is pretty much a word processing app that enables users to check their texts and polish them quicker and easier than ever. The benefits of choosing this tool include broad, multi-language dictionaries featured in it, advanced editing options, and compatibility with all popular operational systems. Finally, it is also known for its user-friendliness, which makes it perfect for everyone, even beginners.


For those of you who strive to reach the utmost clarity and readability in every document you create, Readable would be the best bet. The core aim of this writing assistant is to help you analyze the readability of your texts and improve it. To help ensure clarity, it checks your documents for syllable count, sentence length, the complexity of sentences, the familiarity of words, and more. However, that’s not even all that Readable has in store for you.

As you can easily guess, neither readability nor clarity can be reached without clear and proper grammar. Therefore, the tool also enables you to check your documents for spelling, punctuation, and other grammar issues to ensure that they are absolutely flawless.

Hemingway Editor

Speaking of clarity and reliability, which of course play a significant role in the overall quality of your articles, there is one more tool apart from Readable that can come in handy—the Hemingway Editor. This online app has been around for quite a while and still continues to gain popularity simply because it’s awesome.

The core idea behind this writing assistant is to help you test the readability of your texts. The app will evaluate your structure, vocabulary, sentence length, and other factors and make handy suggestions on how to add even more clarity to your documents.

Best part? It won’t cost you a penny to start using the Hemingway app! The tool is completely free of charge with no hidden costs, so you can use it whenever you want without paying for it.


Finally, one more option you should be aware of is Ginger—a real old-timer among writing assistants. Ginger was founded in 2008 and is still at the peak of its popularity. It is a powerful language processing app that helps authors eliminate errors, improve the structure, and get flawless text in the end.

The biggest advantage of Ginger is that it fully automates the editing process. Using it you can automatically fix all errors in a single click, which can be very convenient, especially when you are short on time.

The Bottom Line

Still struggling with writing compelling, clear, and engaging articles? In case writing has always been your weakness, the tools we shared in this article will be true game-changers for you. All tools presented here are known for their reliability, ease of use, and effectiveness.

So, now you have a list of the best options to choose from. All that is left to do is to try and compare different options to find a perfect writing assistant that suits your needs!


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By Susan Barlow

Dr. Susan Barlow is retired from academia after teaching business administration, project management, and business writing courses for over 20 years.

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